The Best Extracts and Oils for Hair Growth

Explore Lauren Dailey's journey to finding a natural way to grow back beautiful hair after cutting it off and pursuing optimal health.

Since cutting my hair to my shoulders about 2 years ago, I’ve embarked on a health journey to get back to optimal health in my mind, body, and spirit. Part of the health journey consists of using natural products instead of synthetic, sulfate and toxin-filled products. But the question remained: could I find a natural way to aid in growing my hair out to healthy length again? I have VERY curly hair, so to truly grow my hair to past my shoulders, I have to focus on letting my hair go naturally (and finally embracing my curls), adding oils to my shampoo + conditioner, and using finger brushing or a wide-tooth comb to tame my mane.

In this journey, I have tried A LOT of different natural shampoos and conditioners, from Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Amazon… you name it and most were sub-par and left my hair over-dried and “squeaky” clean, which is not ideal for hair growth. If you get a shampoo that makes your hair too clean, you get breakage. If it makes your hair too soft, curly hair can get frizzy. I thought my search was doomed to fail, but then I stumbled across Tara Nature’s Formula.

most effective conditioner for hair growth


I thought… Onion on your hair?! Well, this sounds like something I’ve never thought to put on your head… But I gave it a try. And I’m sure glad I did! This shampoo and conditioner has several oils and extracts that are now known by modern science to help increase hair growth:

Grapeseed Oil

Containing the smoothing ingredient of Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil creates glossy, nourished and smooth hair without leaving residue. This is a huge benefit from other shampoos and conditioners that I’ve tried – they all left too much residue or had not enough leaving my hair parched. Tara Nature’s Formula Onion Remedy System seemed like just the right amount. Grapeseed Oil also contains potassium, calcium and iron for healthy, strong hair.

Olive Oil

This oil also contains Vitamin E, but also contains antibacterial properties. It has been used topically for millenia, dating back to Romans and Ancient Egyptians for these beneficial qualities. Olive oil helps with the glossiness of your hair… yes please!

Onion Extract

Here’s the secret ingredient. Onions. I know what you are thinking… how and why would you want to put onions on your hair? Onion Extract actually stimulates accelerated hair growth – betcha didn’t know that! This ingredient promotes scalp health and has antioxidants that minimize cell damage. Modern science has now been able to extract the ingredient for direct usage of its potent properties.

applying the ultimate hair and root revival system

trying the best remedy for reviving hair growth


I’ve found the combination of these ingredients to be the most effective in growing my hair – especially my curly, moisture-ridden hair that requires smoothing ingredients. Tara Nature’s Formula Onion Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner is fantastic for growing hair… My hair is down to the middle of my back with less breakage than ever before.

If you know of any other tips for natural, healthy and holistic hair growth, leave them in the comments section below! I’d love to know.

Happy growing!