Natural remedies from heritage, bolstered by science.

All Tara products contain high-quality, natural ingredients that are rich in heritage. We apply them in generous concentrations, then infuse them with modern science. For the healthiest hair and skin.

  • Onion Remedy Shampoo

    Harnessing the growing power of onion.
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  • Onion Remedy Conditioner

    A regenerating formula for thicker, fuller hair.
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  • Onion Remedy Concentrate

    An invigorating boost to wake up follicles.
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  • Nurture Shampoo

    Works gently, yet effectively, to care for your hair.
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  • Nurture Conditioner

    Carefully crafted for strong, healthy hair.
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  • Nurture Leave-In

    A nurturing concoction for daily hair repair.
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For Healthy,
Glowing Skin