How to curate a minimalist skincare routine

In today’s climate, the internet is full of tips, hacks and tricks for acquiring the perfect complexion, making it easier than ever to get swept up in the latest trend. But what if we told you that using less product can actually be more effective? Below, we will explore how a streamlined regimen will help make all the difference on your journey to healthier skin.

Products with a purpose.

Before giving in to the buzz of a new item, remember this: holding onto bundles of product can be counterproductive. Using too many makes it difficult to identify which items are really working, and the combination of certain ingredients can actually cancel out others or cause them to react differently, leaving you at risk of practicing a routine that is ineffective, causes irritation, breakouts or even long-term damage to your skin.

Part of curating an effective routine is to first ensure that each product serves a purpose. Our skin has four basic needs – cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and nourishment. On top of this, however, you may also want to include a product that targets a specific concern, such as aging, acne or protection from harsh environments. We recommend reducing the number of steps and limiting your collection to around four to five products for both your AM and PM routine.

The routine.

Begin with a lightweight cleanser to wipe away surface-level dirt twice daily, and include a weekly exfoliant that contains absorbent ingredients (such as clays and charcoals) for removing deeper level impurities that have built up along the way.

Once fresh and cleansed, you will then want to protect your skin from the damaging effects of everyday stressors, like UV rays and pollution, which can cause skin to age prematurely. For this reason, including an antioxidant-rich serum (extra points if it contains Vitamin C and E) is vital as it helps to target free-radicals and prevents damage. These serums are typically water-based, so it is best to apply them before any oils or creams.

Next comes hydration. Other than making sure to get your fix by drinking plenty of water, you should look out for anything that contains ingredients known to help skin retain moisture, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Our Glow Nourishing Dry Oil contains jojoba oil, which is proven to help regulate skin’s sebum production and keep a balanced level of moisture for a variety of skin types. It also targets a number of skin concerns, making it an ideal option for if you wish to streamline your regimen even further. 

Finally, all skin needs a little support from time to time, which is why it is important to make sure you finish with a cream or oil that does more than simply moisturize. Look for products that contain vitamins, antioxidants and omega fatty acids as these molecules help to aid the everyday function of skin for a healthier all-round appearance.

Take your time.

When it comes to skin, the promise of an ‘overnight fix’ is simply unattainable. Products can take at least six weeks to start making a difference, so continued use is a must if you want to see results. It also gives you a substantial window of time to assess what works and what doesn’t, which means you’ll gradually curate a regimen that suits your own individual skin. 

By seeking simplicity and purpose, you will not just notice physical or financial benefits, but emotional ones too. Streamlining your routine allows you to focus on your needs rather than wants, enabling you to give yourself the best self-care possible.