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About Tara

Tara develops targeted hair and skin care treatments designed to heal, repair and improve. We deliver natural remedies, rooted in heritage and bolstered by science.

At Tara, we’re on a continued quest to find the most effective natural remedies for hair and skin. We source high-quality, natural ingredients that are rich in heritage, and apply them in generous concentrations, then infuse them with modern science.

We’re inspired by proven remedies from around the world that have been used for generations and have a rich heritage of vitalization and nourishment.

Each Tara formula harnesses the purest, highest-quality ingredients sourced from the Earth, known for their natural, miraculous properties. In the most precise concentrations, these ingredients yield powerful results.

We infuse every one of our formulas with modern science. Always on the lookout for proven techniques and technological innovations, our goal is to develop targeted treatments designed to heal, repair and improve.

From natural ingredients like açai, onion and soy to scientifically cultivated hyaluronic acid and hydrolized keratin, the list of Tara ingredients is long. Visit our ingredients page for a look at some of our most powerful and beneficial selections.

Tara Hair Care

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in the world of chemistry, we’re able to create shampoos without sulfates that are gentle on the hair, have luxurious, lathering foam and are powerful enough to get hair clean. The secret is a premium, revolutionary ingredient—a surfactant that can be used at a larger concentration—resulting in a shampoo that’s just as effective, if not more so, than those containing sulfates.

In formulating the Tara Care System, we specifically sought out ingredients that are good to the hair. Nurturing ingredients, rich with antioxidants and vitamins, to keep hair healthy and strong as it endures the harshness of the environment, hair styling and chemical treatments.

The Tara Care System is:

Nurture Shampoo

A gentle, yet effective, cleanser that maintains hair’s essential oils 

Nurture Conditioner

A replenishing, healing formula that nourishes and conditions

Nurture Leave-In

A lightweight, leave-in cream that remedies frizz and mends split ends 

Restore Hair Mask

A powerful dose of hydration for healthy, rejuvenated hair

For this nurturing line, we selected premium, natural ingredients that are good to hair. Açai berries are rich with antioxidants and vitamins. Apple stem cells help hair grow and delay the effects of aging. Argan oil is used for its intense moisturizing qualities. Hydrating hyaluronic acid locks moisture deep inside hair and skin. See the full list of Tara Care ingredients.

First, we infused onion extract with natural ingredients rich in heritage—precise doses of plant extracts, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. Then we bolstered that with modern science, for targeted treatments that fortify and regenerate hair. The Tara Growth System harnesses all the powers of the onion while maintaining a clean, odorless scent to keep hair full, healthy and growing.


The Tara Growth System is:

Onion Remedy Shampoo

An effective sulfate-free cleanser that stimulates hair growth 

Onion Remedy Conditioner

A regenerating formula that thickens while it conditions

Onion Remedy Concentrate

An intense dose of minerals and proteins to awaken follicles

Many women experience thinning hair or hair loss at some point in their lives. When hair loss occurs, it’s not necessarily because something is wrong with the hair, but often it’s the result of the natural growth cycle. Hair loss can also be directly linked to genetics, but other factors like diet, illness, stress and hormones can lead to the problem. In some instances, styling can be an underlying cause of female hair loss. Constantly applying chemicals to the hair can flatten it out, making it look sparse and thin. Pulling hair too tight over a prolonged period of time can traumatize the follicle and stop hair from growing in that area. Letting the hair flow loosely and freely can help keep your hair attached and in good shape.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of the onion are proven effective at regenerating hair. Onion has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial healing properties. It stimulates accelerated hair growth, while renewing hair’s strength. Onion is nourishing to hair, helping to restore lost nutrients. According to the National Institute of Health, in one study using onion juice, at four weeks, hair re-growth was seen in 73.9% of patients. At six weeks, re-growth was observed in 86.9% of patients.

Tara Skin Care

Yes, Tara is currently developing a number of advanced solutions for healthy, glowing skin. Our search for the greatest skin secrets have taken us far and wide. Bolstered by modern science, each formula is designed to target specific concerns in an effort to heal and improve.

Coming soon, we’ll be launching Purify Deep Cleansing Clay Mask, Nourish Pure Argan Oil, Onion Remedy Lash & Brow Boosting Serum, Radiance Vitamin C Complex and more.

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