An essential ingredient for fuller, healthier hair

The topical use of onion extract can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians. This miraculous ingredient has since been bolstered by science to promote fuller, healthier hair.

An essential ingredient for healthy hair

The miraculous properties of onion extract have been known for millennia. Its topical use can be traced back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, who discovered its regenerative properties and used the ingredient for a variety of purposes. Since then, modern science has revealed the true potential of the onion and unlocked new and exciting ways to harness the power of one of nature’s greatest ingredients.

tara onion remedy essential ingredient for healthy hair

It stimulates growth

Studies* indicate that topical use of onion extract strengthens strands and stimulates accelerated growth, resulting in thicker and more lustrous hair. This is partly due to the sulfur (not to be confused with nasty sulfate) contained within, which is essential for promoting strong, healthy hair.

Human hair is composed of keratin, which naturally contains sulfur, responsible for the hair’s strength and elasticity. However, a deficiency of sulfur can result in brittle, easily broken strands—making the mineral a crucial component to lustrous, full-bodied hair.
Onion extract has also been shown to improve circulation, resulting in an improved supply of blood to the hair follicles. This enhances the health of the scalp and helps to reduce hair loss.

It’s rich in antioxidants

Not only does onion extract stimulate hair growth, it also works to fortify and protect strands. This is due to its high levels of antioxidants—contained in the onion’s flavonoids—which improve enzyme catalysis and help to protect cells against free radical damage.
In addition to optimizing the hair-growth cycle, the antioxidants present in onion extract also help to delay and reverse hair graying.

It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial

Scientific studies** have shown that onion juice can inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Serratia marcescens and Streptococcus sp. It’s also effective against a variety of fungi, including Aspergillus niger, Cladosporium werneckii, and Candida albicans. This means a healthier, cleaner scalp that’s free from irritation, dryness and flakiness.

tara formula onion remedy hair root revival system

A deeply nourishing and revitalizing system

The Tara Onion Remedy range utilizes all the benefits to the hair and scalp that onion extract has to offer.

The range includes a shampoo packed with rejuvenating vitamins, minerals and proteins that replenish roots and revitalize strands, and a conditioner loaded with nourishing essential oils and organic acids to hydrate, tame and soften the hair, leaving it looking glossy and full-bodied. We also provide a post-shampoo treatment enhanced with botanical oils and plant extracts that cleanse, soothe and protect the scalp.

It’s hard to believe that all of this power is contained within an onion—but that’s why we always turn to nature for the most exceptional hair care remedies.

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